Welcome to Enzyne
We are in the business of effectively understanding our client’s manpower requirements, procuring the right candidate with the desired profile, and we intend to build long lasting relationships.
Now partnered with Purplecode
We have partnered with Purplecode,one of the best players in the industry in HR process implementation to help you build the best team in your workplace. Purplecode offers services for startups,SMEs and corporates in the following areas:

  • Induction & Training
  • HR Policies & Framework
  • Performance Managment
  • Job Descriptions & KPI
  • Employee Survey
  • Employee Engagement
  • HRMS software implementation (functional role)
  • 360 degree feedback system
  • Psychometric Assessments
Career Navigator
Our career match test will help you decide whether you are on the right track.
Video Interviews
Our Video Interviewing tools would give you the hands on feel of an interview, solely at your preferred time and pace.So why waste time interviewing one at a time ?
“Talent is cheaper than table salt.
What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”
Enzyne HR Solutions is a new kid on the block in the recruitment industry, that’s already crowded. Underpinned with conviction and passion, Enzyne is born with a quest of addressing a critical and growing challenge in the corporate landscape.

We are deep-rooted in our belief of bringing strategic value to your business through our unique offerings for unearthing talent. And we are certain that you would find our solutions as tailor made as it can be.

More than a recruiter, we will be a catalyst in your business, or so would you experience engaging us.