About Us
Enzyne HR Solutions is a new kid on the block in the recruitment industry, that’s already crowded.
Underpinned with conviction and passion, Enzyne is born with a quest of addressing a critical and growing challenge in the corporate landscape. We are deep-rooted in our belief of bringing strategic value to your business through our unique offerings for unearthing talent. And we are certain that you would find our solutions as tailor made as it can be.
More than a recruiter, we will be a catalyst in your business, or so would you experience engaging us.

Read on to find out why we think so and how we are going to do it!
Some Questions to Ponder…
As a consultant, it’s our duty to find solutions to our client’s issues. And for that, it’s important to define what the issues are. Amid myriad ones that you face as an HR Manager/Entrepreneur, have you ever felt constrained in the following aspects of recruitment.
  • Confused by choice?
  • Pay for the junk profiles?
  • Shackled on time to execute?
  • Constrained on probing further?
If you have experienced any of the above concerns, our solutions would just be the right fit for you.
Where Enzyne HR makes a difference
Whether you are a start-up, growing organization or an established organization looking to set up a new business vertical, Enzyne offers unique recruitment solutions, allowing you to get the benefits of world class services execution, leaving you free to focus on your key business priorities.

Enzyne designs and delivers practical and professional HR recruitment solutions for people in business who wants to be strategic about their approach to people management. We offer well developed and tailor made strategies and solutions that reward businesses with professional value adding employees.

We provide customized recruitment solutions for companies in industries like BPO, Retail, Construction, Software, Human Resource, FMCG, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, HealthCare, Finance Sectors etc. We are staffed by a team of highly professional corporate executives specializing in HR services. Our commitments to the clients have earned us a reputation of being the most profitable recruitment firm in the city with major focus in client satisfaction.